Flowers Everywhere


Learn to create these easy little flowers to embellish all kinds of art projects from bracelets to wall art!  I cannot take credit for designing these lovelies but I also do not know who to actually credit.  Twenty years will do that to a memory!

Materials you need:

1 1/2 Feet of 28 gauge wire

6 Top Drilled Beads for “Petals” (leaf shapes work really well)

A 6mm – 8mm Bead as the center of the flower

Chain nose pliers

Wire Cutter

Awl (Optional – but makes it easier to tighten your work)


Step 1:  String on one Petal bead and slide it to approximately 6″ from the bottom of the wire.  That 6″ piece will be referred to as “Tail Wire” and the longer end as “Working Wire”.  Holding the bead in place, bring the working wire around to the same side as your tail and pass back through the bead.


Step 2:  Using the working wire, repeat the process for the remaining 5 petal beads.

TIP: Be sure that as you add each new bead you keep it fairly snug to the previous bead.  You can do this by holding the bead close to the previous bead and pulling the wire through as you keep it in place. See next step for a tip on using the Awl tool.


USING THE AWL:  Insert the awl into your wire “loop”  as it is nearly closed.  Tightening the loop to the awl will stop the wire from kinking or “sticking” as you pull it the rest of the way through your bead.  Tighten the loop to the awl, pull the awl out slightly and tighten again.  Remove the awl and finish tightening the loop to the bead.  

TIP:  Use the chain nose to pull the wire through if you need extra grip.  Use it on the very end of the wire so you do not create a weak spot in your wire.  If the end of the wire becomes too kinked to slide smoothly through just clip it off.


Step 3 – Forming the Flower:  Once all the petal beads are on you need to form them into a circle.  Your tail wire is coming out of bead 1, cross it over and through bead 6.  Your working wire is coming out of bead 6, cross it over and through bead 1.  Pull the tail wire to the underside of the flower and the working wire to the top.

 TIP:  It is best to pass the wired through the beads and pull them both at the same time.  This will reduce the chance of kinking the wires.


Step 4 – Strengthening the Flower: *Using the working wire wrap over 2 beads.  Bring the wire down around and over the second bead (in the photo below – the dotted line indicated the path under the bead).    Repeat from * 5 more times ending with the working wire on the topside of the flower.


Step 5 – The Center:  String on the large center bead, move directly to the opposite side of the flower and bring the wire down, around and back up and through the center bead a second time.  ˜Your flower is finished!˜

DO NOT CUT THE WIRES!  You will need those wire ends to attach the flower to its chosen project.


Attaching the Flower to a Project:  Find the location you want to add the flower too.  Hold it in place and wrap your working wire around the larger gauge wire of the project.  Make 4-6 passes like this to secure it in place.  Do the same with the tail wire but wrap in a different location to steady the flower.


Now go crazy and have fun making lots of these!  Try out different shapes of beads for the petals.  I like finding Vintage glass beads.  They make unique flowers that not everyone will have.


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