To Blog or Not to Blog…

I should start this post with a confession… Up until about 3 years ago I had no idea what a blog was!  I had used them for information many times but never actually understood the TRUE concept of a blog.  As someone who was internet shy I had never commented on one.  Not because I didn’t want to say “Hey, thank you so much for that great information”, but, mainly because I have a somewhat anonymous personality.  Head down don’t bring attention to yourself kind of anonymous.  I’m slowly but surely getting over that (yay for me!).
As someone that is very new to the world of blogging and feels more comfortable with anonymity how on earth did I make the decision to start one? It actually started long ago without my even realizing it. It wasn’t blogging per-say that I thought of way back in my younger years but just a few passing thoughts of how I wished my living with a handicap could inspire others. Many times over, people said that I inspired them, seeing me do things with one hand that they couldn’t do with two, had sparked something in them to try something new AND be determined to be successful at it too. If I had a penny for all the times I heard “If you can do it with one hand I can do it with two”…. all I can say is I’d be in a different tax bracket today!
Why didn’t I blog, speak, write or do something inspirational before now?  I’m a hyper focus kind of person and back then I was focused on raising my children. While the idea of somehow being able to inspire and encourage others was there, I felt I had more important things to do at the time. I figured it was hard enough to be a single mother I didn’t need to add more to my plate and end up being a rather poor mother who inspired others but let loose a couple of hooligans into the world.
Through the years the thought popped up more and more and as life changed it became more of an “I’m going to do this one day” thought and less of a passing one.  Not long ago a friend of mine told me she thought I’d make a great blogger (Thank you for the vote of confidence Carolyn) so I began to really research the blogging topic in an effort to decide if it was a way for me to accomplish the goal I’d been contemplating over the years.  The more I read about it the more I liked the concept of blogging.  Blogging would let me express myself AS myself and if I worked hard at it I could reach more people than I could through some other avenues.  Verdict?  Blogs are GREAT and here I am!

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