Incredible Kale Chips

Shortly after my venture into better eating for a healthier and thinner me I was encouraged to try Kale Chips.  At that time I had no dehydrator so I had to use my oven.  After trying my first batch all I could think was “How did these even get popular!”.  Not a fan of kale chips at this point….

6 months or so later I tried a “No Cheese” Cheesy kale chip (yup I am willing to give a second chance) and was instantly hooked!  I had to make these, but, how do you get cheesy without cheese???  I started digging around on the internet for a GOOD recipe.  Viola’ I found this one:  “No Cheese” Cheesy Kale Chips  They are AMAZING and we have to thank Little Green Dot for the recipe.

I’ve forced … erm…encouraged ~insert mental image of me shoving kale chips down all my friends throats~ many people to try these “chips”and only had two responses that were not totally positive, one of which was solved by just making them more “cheesy”.


  1. Tried these,thank you for the recipes, very addictive even my picky husband likes them, when I make a batch he has a hard time not eating them in one sitting.


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