Once upon a prosthetic … (Part 4)

I made it through elementary school and with an upbeat attitude headed off to middle school for my next series of adventures in life lessons.  I started middle school sporting long straight hair while the rest of the female world was mid-length and layered, wore bell bottom jeans during the start of the straight leg jean craze, and belonged to a strict christian religion.  Taking a bit of grief for being handicapped was nothing compared to the razzing I was in for now.  So many things to get teased about, so little time…

My best buddy in elementary school was no longer a part of my life, the brilliant people in charge decided we were too close and so her parents choose to remove me from her life in favor of having her make more friends.  I missed her but it didn’t take me long to make a few new acquaintances and another close friend named Micky.  Poor Micky had come from a traumatic past and we bonded over our less than perfect life circumstances.  We laughed, dreamed, and spent as much time together as possible.  Micky was a Ray of sunshine in my little world and we helped each other stay friendly, positive and loving life.

This brings me to one of the ways I get through life with my disability.  Having a close friend did wonders for me.  I believe in quality over quantity and to this day I do not have a lot of friends, I prefer to keep several close and loyal friends rather than amassing many friends that are not truly engaged in the friendship.  How do you attract good quality friends?  Things that attract me to a person are real honest conversation, a willingness to give up time or be inconvenienced and overlooking flaws.  I’m not perfect but I try hard to BE the kind of person I enjoy as a friend.  It doesn’t seem very nice to ask things of others that I’m not willing to be or do myself.  Does that work?  Check out this article from Psychology Today to see if I am on right track or not:  Maintaining Friendships

I’ll be back soon, for now go soak up the sun … or if you live in a currently sunless area, go make some sunshine in someone’s life.  See you in a few days for more of the story.


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