Butterflies make me feel better

Last Tuesday in the middle of the night I woke up with a horrible head cold.  The kind that just wipes you out and saps all your energy.  No big deal I thought and I dug out the essential oils, sis got me all the normal cold supplies and I figured I was good to go.

Diffuser running -√ ,  water to drink – √, soup – √, resting – √.

I’ll kick this in a couple of days no problem!   Erm …. problem.  It is over a week later and i’m still miserable.  Today I woke with a nice ear ache (guess it wants me to not forget I’m still sick?)  Yuck Yuck Yuck is all I can say.  After several days of nothing but sleep and netflix I was feeling antsy and NEEDED to engage in some kind of activity that wouldn’t run me down but helped deal with the “Ahhhh let me out of this house” feelings I was having.  I decided to craft something, because … duh… crafts!

I wanted something that sang “spring is near” to me.  I surveyed my little room and seen the floral wire, my butterfly and leaf copper pendants, and a bunch of ribbon spools my sister just purchased for me.  Bam! I suddenly seen a vision (no not the supernatural, god sent it to me kind of vision, just your random everyday artistic vision) of a tree branch full of leaves and lovely butterflies.  In honor of sis taking such good care of me all week I decided to use her favorite colors of orange and purple.  I cut the leaves and butterflies out of the orange and purple ribbon using the copper pendants as templates and my wood burning tool.

After cutting out lots of the butterflies I laid another template over the orange ones and burnt out some wing decor with it.  I wanted to do the same with the purple ones but that ribbon was less like a fabric and the burnt out areas looked more messy so I opted to leave those just as they were.



I used the same technique to cut out a bunch of dark green and bright green leaves.  Next time I think I’d leave out the really bright green but I ran out of the darker color so I improvised.


I used my floral wire, some batting and floral tape to create a fake branch but I do think a real tree branch would make it more realistic looking as a wall piece.

I used my lighter to gently heat areas of the butterflies so that I could shape them into three dimensional beauties.  I dipped the edges of a few of the orange ones in black alcohol ink to give them a “monarch” feel.  I made veins in the leaves so they looked more realistic as well.

Last step was to glue all the parts to the branch. Viola’ I had a nice wall piece and I didn’t feel so antsy anymore!


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