It was/is a blessing…

20161109_142118I was out and about with a friend yesterday and had a very odd experience.  A woman approached me and in reference to my missing right arm told me I just needed to pray and have faith and god would regrow my bones.  She told me she had prayed and god had blessed her by helping regrow some of her bones.  As I was slightly taken aback by this comment I bit my tongue and tried to find a diplomatic answer to her.  Before I share my response to her I have to share the things that quickly passed through my brain in the few seconds it took me to formulate my answer to her.

  1.   She assumed I have never prayed about it
  2.   It indicated she thinks I need more faith and apparently so do all the other people with similar circumstances to mine
  3.   I thought of the Apostle Paul who was in simple terms told by god that his physical weakness would teach him to rely on god for strength

So what did I say?  I told her it was already a blessing!

Having one arm has helped me learn empathy for others, including my own child as she struggled with her own health problems.  It made me the survivor and fighter that I turned out to be.  It also gave me the opportunity to be a source of encouragement and inspiration to others.  I may not love it everyday but I am grateful for all that being handicapped has taught me in the long run.  All of you out there OWN whatever sets you apart!  Find the things it makes better in you and love it (when you don’t love it …. come here and read a sarcastic quote!  lol) Speaking of which…. I need to upload a new sarcasm.  Gotta run, find me in the quotes area next :D.

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