Its a beautiful world out there!

Hello Everyone!  We interrupt your regularly scheduled life story blog post to bring you…. BEAUTY!  I had a fantastic day on Thursday just hanging out with my best friend.  I have had the pleasure of being her friend for over 25 years and still absolutely love spending time with her.  Because I think that good friends are a huge part of getting through life I wanted to share my wonderful day with you my readers (and I wanted an excuse to post some of the pictures I took because I finally have a phone that takes darn good photos!).

My friend Debbie and I were on the hunt to see the “Voodoo Lily” or “Devil’s Tongue” blooming at our local zoo.  What is that you ask?  A tree whose flower blooms only once year, looks like leather, lasts only for 4 days and …..~drum-roll~… and it smells like rotting flesh while blooming!  I hear your brain saying “You WANTED to see and smell that?”  Yup my friend and I are morbidly curious that way!  I do have another reason for mentioning this odd plant though.  The truth is that as we walk our walk of life we can draw a lesson from this plant.  It is not the most beautiful flower to look at, the smell is certainly not what we expect from a “Bloom”, and yet tons of people flock to the zoo to see it.  It’s uniqueness is exactly what draws people to it.  It should be the same with us.  Do not limit yourself to friendships with people that would be considered “beautiful” by social standards.  Sometimes the most wonderful people look road weary from their life journey.  Sometimes the people whose lives “stink” of turmoil are the ones that will be there to support you the most during your “smelly” life moments.  Unique is a form of beautiful.

Voodoo Lily

The Voodoo Lily

Sadly my friend and I missed seeing this interesting plant in full bloom (~cries a little~) but we did manage to find many other great things to take photos of and had a fun-tas-tic day just hanging out.


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