Poof – It’s better!

Ooh if only it were that easy right?  If we only had to click our heels, wave a magic wand or cry out to some fairy godmother and then “poof” all was well.  Would you believe me if I told you I discovered something that felt almost like a magic wand to me?  What if I told you I went from taking 5 different medications to only 1!  What is it you ask?  Food.  Yup you read that right  …  Food and only food.


Several years ago my mother and I began taking a real interest in food.  What’s in the food we buy, where does it come from, how does that affect it and so on and so on.  Both of us did and are still doing research on the internet, reading books, and listening to webinars on food.  The information moved me to seriously look at what I ate and think on how that could be related to both my physical and mental health.  After my long hard look at myself I decided I could only change things a little at a time.  Like most people I did not have the financial resources to just jump into a raw food, organic everything lifestyle.  So what did I remove first?  SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!  White, refined, addictive and in everything you buy …sugar.

Pleeease ask me if it helped … Oh thank you for asking!  I’d be happy to tell you.  I went through about 2 weeks of what can only be refered to as detoxing.  Horrible cravings for anything sugar related, headaches and other minor symptoms.  At first I thought ewwww this is not working!  Before giving up I did some research and found this was a normal response to the process so stayed the course!  It was not at all easy but it was very worth it.  The first thing it changed (sorry to all you fellas reading)  was my menstrual cycle.  Mine were awful (I’ll spare details).  I was sore, intensely moody during them and for seven days felt like an alien in my own body.  The doctors had me on hormones to try to regulate me but the hormones made their own mess and I now felt awful with or without my cycle.  Goodbye hormone pills!  The other thing I instituted was a “seed rotation” plan that my mother got.  It told which seeds (flax, sunflower, sesame… etc.) to use on which days to help balance the menstrual cycle.  It worked wonderfully.  Instead of shutting me down for 7 days my cycles were now tolerable.  After a few months I felt so much better I barely knew I had them.  I lived with my daughter at the time and even she could not believe the difference.  I knew it was working when at one point she even said “I didn’t even know you had your cycle”.

That was 3 years ago.  I can tell when I step off the health wagon and eat sugar.  I get moody and sore again.  I’ve replaced the sugar in the house with all sorts of things:  Agave, stevia, honey, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, dates and more.  I find they all have their uses depending on what I am making.  Even with the healthier options I still limit the amount of any kind of sweetener I use.  To much of a good thing is still bad!

There is so much more to my food story, come back and find out what I changed next!


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