Creativeness brought to you by Bi-Polar?

When I started this post it was a week ago.  I thought it was going to be one of my easier posts to write until I really started digging into the topic.  It seems that the ongoing opinion on the topic of Creativeness and mental health actually assumes a link between the two.  I was disheartened as I read several different articles on the subject and rather than support my experience that creativity, arts and crafts helped get me through the worst parts of my life, they argued that the two are related.  Whaaaaat??  All that ran through my mind (to quote a favorite comedian of mine) was OH NAY NAY!

My unwillingness to agree with the experts, based on personal life experience, led me to continue searching for information.  I came across an article (which linked to more articles…etc etc etc) in psychology today that made much more sense to me!  The article was written by a Dr. Albert Rothenberg  {Read it here} and this man made perfect sense to me ( actually he made sense after I looked up all the big words…).

Art and the creative process was a healthy coping tool for my mental health illness NOT a connective tissue to it!  As a matter of fact I am far more creative now as the healthier form of me, in my own humble and non-experty opinion (yes i’m sure experty is not a word and it is giving twitches to the grammar police – don’t care!)

Could I make lovely things while in the clutches of a deep depression … that would be a No.  Once the deep fog lifted I could craft a little.  Little bits of crafting would improve my mood and more crafting would happen.  It calmed my negative mind and lifted my spirits to see a project transform from random bits of artistic medium into a finished work of art.  I was not the only one to see a difference.  When I very first began jewelry making my counselor at the time asked what I was doing?  I told him about my new little art form and he said “keep it up it is helping”.

Conclusion?  Art is a helper not a symptom of mental illness.  Don’t believe me?  Go make something fun and tell me how you feel when it is done. Ta Ta for now.


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