Mildness … how’s that going for me?

A sandwich and some perspective.  In the aforementioned post I put myself to the test of being more aware of my temper and working on the wonderful quality of mildness.  Here we are a week later and I have to say I was doing well until yesterday.  After a few days of running around and life throwing me little curve balls I lost my temper and had to apologize to a friend for being a cranky wench!  Have you all seen the movie Hulk?  The really good one with Edward Norton playing the Hulk.  Remember how at the bottom of the screen it would put up a “days without incident” number?  In my mind I saw that “Day without incident” countdown and watched it reset to 0. Darn it all, I’d been doing so good!  Thankfully my temper doesn’t make me need to replace a bunch of torn clothing nor do I suddenly find myself in the amazon jungle.  It does make me feel a bit out of my own skin though.  I’ve never dosed myself with gamma radiation so that’s not my issue.  So what’s my problem?  I’ve said this before and I’ll be repeating it often in this blog … FOOD MATTERS!  When I’m at home, settled into my daily routine all cozy and familiar I do just fine. I focus on preparing healthy meals, fermented foods, lots of great vegetables, non dairy milks made at home and the list goes on.   But after a couple of poor meal choices as I spend all day in my car buzzing around town and unprepared to eat on the run and I swear I’m a different person… think the edges of my lips started getting a green tint the other day ….

Since food is very obviously tied to my own mental and physical well being, I am working on being more prepared for days like those.  I’m definitely a work in progress ~sigh~.

Anyone have good “on the run” food ideas that work well for them?  Please oh please share them!


  1. Nuts and seeds you put together yourself and grab a fruit or two, get yourself one of those lunch boxes no add some cut up vegetables and peanut butter or hummus. It does a body good.

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