A different slant to my perspective

A little while ago I wrote this post  A sandwich and some perspective.  Take a peek at it and you’ll get the context of this post.  Later that same day a friend of mine and I had a discussion about the quote I was blogging about.  (Quote:  “your beliefs don’t make you a good person, your behavior does”)

It was an interesting conversation that stimulated additional thinking.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to write a post on that conversation but after a little deliberation I decided that I’m open to a little bit of controversy once in a while so here goes!

I looked at that quote and saw a tiny sentence that inspired my to evaluate my actions.  My friend took a totally different approach and asked me a question – “if you don’t have the beliefs in the first place … how can you have the behavior?”  After recovering from slight annoyance that he did not think my blog post was filled with wonderful wisdom (meh that’s ok he doesn’t get my blogging anyway lol)… the question did evoke some extra thinking on my part.  According to my friend you need the belief system in place or you won’t behave as a good person but according to me the beliefs can be there and you can still act wrongly.  I know lots of people that have “Installed” a decent belief system but they still act like jerks under many circumstances.  He and I went round and round on the topic for nearly 45 mins (yeah I did that on purpose, sometimes I just crave a good debate ~tee hee~)  How did it end?  He took it in a religious direction and at that point I told him he was making way to much out of a little quote that was simply meant to get the reader to self evaluate.  I’m no spiritual leader, this is not a religious blog and so I did not want to take the post in that direction and honestly I don’t know if his outlook is the better one or if mine is.  Perhaps they both are for different reasons who knows.  What are your thoughts on our perspectives?

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  1. I have to agree with your friend, your belief system has to be there first, when some do bad things, it’s not that their belief system failed, it’s because we’re all imperfect humans, King David is a great example, he made some big mistakes, but he was shown Gods mercy because he was repentant, and learned from his mistakes. Reading the psalms you can tell he was extremely grateful for receiving Gods mercy.


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