Call for Submissions + Giveaway

Great Idea!


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I ‘m happy to announce that the blog is teaming up with Dre from  Things Dre Makes for the whole of May, which is not uncoincidently Mental Health Awareness month. Dre is a fabulous illustrator and artist, and we both wanted to mark this month with something artistic.

Enter #PersonifyME.

Pixar Disney had their turn depicting emotions and the struggles within the mind when they released Inside Out. Not to diminish their efforts, winning an Oscar isn’t too bad, but we want more. Funny cartoons are nice but real struggles of real people should be talked about and shared. No one – as of yet – can look into your mind and see exactly what is going on. So now is an opportunity for you to show everyone.

The Task

Well, it is rather simple. #PersonifyME is about personifying an emotion in your…

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