Crafting and remembering my grandfather.

My grandpa passed away May 6th, 2011.  He had gotten into making cards and left behind a stash of card making & scrapbooking supplies.  I was never good at either but I really liked the sizzix machine he used for cutting things out.  I now have that clunky, chunky machine (and I’m keeping it just because it was his).  It reminds me of him sitting at his little table in their tiny trailer living room cutting out all sorts of things and making cards for everyone.  He even seemed make up reasons to make a card.  Like making one so he had somewhere to slip a $2 bill into for my little girl. (pretty sure she still has that card and the $2 bill in it).  Sweet memories.

I wanted to find a way to use this for jewelry making.  I dug it out about 2 months ago and decided to find out what types of things this sizzix could cut out.  I dug around and found some leather, some pleather, some ribbon and some aluminum cans to experiment with.  I had fun with the can first, cut out some butterflies and painted them with alcohol inks.  The leather was to thick but the pleather cut nicely and I made some flowers and a fence out of it.  Pretty soon I had a mental image of bracelet that I wanted to bring to life.  I set about cutting some of the brown leather for a backing, black leather for the fence, the flowers I’d already cut out and then some flowers out of wire and glass pearl beads.  Assemble all parts and Viola’.

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