Life Happens – might want to adapt!

April was mildness month for me and fortunately I made it through the month with only one real digression.  It was a positive experience that I want to continue for the rest of this year.  I took another look at me and found that I stink at adapting.  No, really I am so bad at it.  I have this vision in my mind of a nice quaint life and things that disturb it throw me off easily.  I was not like this before and do not enjoy being like this now.  I used to be a flexible go with the flow kind of girl.  In fact I think I was too flexible.  No real schedule or routine, just whatever happened happened… weeeeee!  It’s my totally unprofessional opinion that in response to realizing life is not a series of “whatever happens is fine” I overcompensated and got rigid.  Ahh well, no one ever accused me of having total balance in life.

Because I got very ill the end of April and have spent 3 weeks just trying to get better I will work on being adaptable for the rest of May and all of June (besides… I’m sure I need the extra time for this one!)

How adaptable are you?  Should you even care if you are?  Over the next month and 1/2 I will share articles that inspire more adaptability or flexibility in me.  Starting with this one from Forbes:  Are you adaptable?

Join the #SelfGrowth project with me by sharing what you are working on to make yourself the best version of you.  Or feel free to do the same thing I’m doing!  See you in the comments area!

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