I love Cold Porcelain! Week 4

I can’t believe this challenge I issued myself is already 1/2 over!  This past week I worked on creating  some gifts for a few of my friends and family.  Plus I really wanted to practice flower making in an effort to get better and better.

What to gift what to gift?  My daughter loves wings of all sorts.  She also loves symbolism.  She mentioned not long ago that the wings needed to be made with one black one white.  A good and evil symbolization.  So I thought I’d do a pair of them in earring form for her (Photo above).  They looked a little lifeless in just the black and white so I gave them a touch of gold to enhance them.  Not to shabby … but the gold was bugging me though so I sent off a pic of them to my daughter so she could give me her opinion and as usual she had a great idea.  She suggested I make them “tipped in gold” rather than gold around the outside of the whole wing (the white set in the photo above).  Much better don’t you think?

That was pretty much all that I did in the way of things to gift to anyone because as usual I got a little sidetracked with the whole flower making concept….

The great thing is that I really did get better at making roses!  Below is a photo progression of my rose making.  I’m still a novice but I do feel confident that I will keep on getting better.  What do you think?  Does it look like I’m improving or is that just a figment of my imagination?

The hot pink one was my best work for super thin petals, but I like the bottom two (my last two created)  were the most realistic to me.

Officially I have decided that I like the Aleene’s tacky glue recipe much better than the original Elmer’s recipe.  Aleene’s is not much more expensive to use and the clay is so much more flexible that I can’t go back to using the elmer’s batch.  See my previous posts on cold porcelain for those recipes.  You really want to try this …. you know you do!

So what’s on the agenda for my next week?  More gift making AND Mermaids and fairies!  I adore mermaids, fairies, unicorns etc. etc. etc…. so i’ll be trying my hand at sculpting which is not my strong suit so we shall see how next week goes :).  I’m already sceptical about what my photos next week will be like …. if I stink at sculpting do you even want photos or should I spare you the eye pain?

See you all next week!  I’m off to try new things!

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