Bits About Me


Hello, my name is Wendy and welcome to my little corner of the blog world.

To help you get to know me a little here are a few fun facts about me:

  • Life is amazing and I’m grateful to be breathing!
  • I’m the proud mother of a son and a daughter ( and they still like me too – woohoo!).
  • I was born missing my right arm below the elbow.
  • For over 10 years I suffered from Bi-Polar disorder with a side of anxiety
  • My favorite flowers are Daffodils, they remind me of sunshine and who doesn’t like the sun.
  • I love to sing out loud and dance around my house like a goofball when all the shades are closed (ok fine, sometimes even with the shades open).
  • I enjoy a good glass of wine on occasion or a “Fru Fru” girly drink. Yup little umbrellas and all that stuff.
  • I will steal a maraschino cherry off a friend or family members dessert if I think I can get away with it, olives too!
  • My spare time hobbies are knitting, coloring, reading, and collecting hilarious sarcastic sayings and inspiring quotes.
  • I’m working on my coffee addiction …. working on justifying it that is …
  • Family has always been one of the most important things in my life and I love mine bunches.
  • I love to cook and I’m on a wonderful food journey to improve my health and lose weight.  It’s made such a difference for me that I’m going to share it with you too.